John Paulo Cardoso, Chief Creative Officer

John Paulo believes that true design thinking brings meaning to the mass of needs, wants, ideas and perceptions, creating brand.

John Paulo Cardoso is a brand strategist and the Chief Creative Officer of Spyder Works Inc. who says, “A great, growth-building brand should be distinct, exude personality and resonate loudly with a lucrative set of customers. Simply put, brand is the personification of your product or service, enabling customers to engage and build a relationship with it. Brand(ing) is the successful management of that relationship.”

John Paulo has moved seamlessly from working with local emerging businesses to multinational corporations developing their packaging, brands and corporate identities. At Spyder, John Paulo leads the creative team and clients with the innovative and integrated branding models such as Brand Re(Invention)™ and 30 Day Decisions®. He is also the co-authour of The 90% Rule®.