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Ken Tencer is CEO of Spyder Works, a leading business consultancy for organizations and investors seeking to drive sustainable growth. If you have any questions about this article or its relevance to your business, reach out to Ken at The Spyder Works team, whose strategic and operational experience spans six continents, helps clients turn their most pressing challenges into powerful solutions. We provide consulting and enhance capacity in the disciplines of corporate and financial strategy, innovation and intrapreneurship, branding and marketing, organization and operations, and learning, leadership and culture.

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Reimagine Your People Practices to Deliver Transformational Results

attract-retain-perform-cogsBeing a strategic people practitioner for more than fifteen years it has become clear that there are three key areas within people practices that will make or break your business.  These areas are like three integrated gears with the spokes of each gear driving the advancement of the others.  The three gears are Attract, Retain and Perform.  These gears are of varying size with an interdependence and sequence to them.

 First in the sequence is Attract.  For organizations to operate they must have an employee brand that speaks to prospective employees, draws in people that align with the company’s values and have the needed talent.  Today to be able to compete for prospective employees companies must satisfy their desire for an experience not just a job.

With the chosen employees now in place the company’s efforts turn to ensuring they stay.  Retain is the next gear in the sequence and is all about delivering on your brand promise made during the hiring stage.  Organizations must get to know their employees as individuals, what they need to succeed and provide them with the tools and environment to be the best they can be.

 The final, and in some ways, most significant gear is Perform.  While business can’t operate without having the right people in place through attract and retain, I’d argue that the largest opportunity for leveraging an organization’s results comes from this area.  Through a culture of innovation, leadership practices, team effectiveness and employee engagement organizations can measurably impact performance.

 In the coming months a more in depth look will be taken at each of these three critical stages in the employee life cycle with the goal of enabling companies to re-imagine their people practices to help organizations realize transformational results.

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The Globe and Mail has shared an excerpt from our second book on innovation, Cause a Disturbance.

CAD_Final-reducedI am very excited to let you know that the Globe and Mail has shared an excerpt from our second book on innovation, Cause A Disturbance, published by Morgan James, New York.  Click here to read the excerpt!

The title of our new book, Cause A Disturbance, says it all and it most assuredly will cause a disturbance in the way you think about your business. It opens the mind to the possibilities – and simplicity – of being innovative, everyday.

Everyone knows – and everyone talks about – how important innovation is in the competitive battle to find, delight and keep customers and employees and yet, far too few achieve it. There’s a big difference between an occasional spark of innovation and an eternal flame. But the reality is different; most firms struggle to consistently innovate.

All of that can change. Kick-start it with attitude. Cause a Disturbance!

You can order your copy today at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, BOOKS FOR BUSINESS and CHAPTERS. If you are interested in an innovation workshop for your team, or a keynote for your next event, please get in touch with me directly.

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Kim Vogel Joins Spyder Works as Vice-President


As Spyder Works continues to help clients re-imagine their brand and capitalize on innovation, we are delighted to announce the addition of Kim Vogel to our thought leadership group as Vice-President.

With more than 20 years of strategic management experience, Kim has excelled in both consulting and corporate executive capacities.  Her credentials include maximizing organizational performance through Leaderability Consulting Inc., driving cultural change as Senior Director of Human Resources at Sobeys and generating transformational results as V.P. Retail Operations with the Bargain Shop.  As Kim observes, “Enhancing performance may begin as a special project but to make a difference in your business, it must become an every day part of your corporate culture and operational processes.”

Kim’s integrated approach to strategic thinking makes her a natural addition to the Spyder Works’ team and so valuable to our clients.  Too often, business leaders and entrepreneurs don’t have the time or resources to commit to the long-term growth and development of their business. Issues like corporate, brand and innovation strategy, assessing opportunities, or simply exploring the next great idea… all seem to drift to the back burner.  As a branding + innovation firm, we help our clients to envision themselves differently in the marketplace.  Because we also have extensive line management experience, we can accelerate the process of making the transition pay off for our clients.

An in-demand speaker on leadership and strategy development, organizational alignment and employee engagement, Kim has been a feature guest on CKLG radio’s “Ask the Expert” segment, a Panelist on “The Recession as Seen by Canada’s Top Retail President’s/CEOs” for Retail Advertising & Marketing Canada and a featured speaker for “Human Resources as a Strategic Business Partner” for the International Institute for Research; “Recruitment & Retention Superconference” for the Canadian Institute; and “Leveraging Internet Technology for Recruitment” for Infonex.  Kim holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University and a degree in Human Resource Management from Humber College.

Kim can be reached directly at 905.608.8845 x 30 or

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