Building Brand U

When I work with companies to build their brands, I start with a very straightforward definition, “what we believe in, what we do and what we say… that matters to a lucrative set of customers.”

But what about Brand U?  No, that’s not a new university for branding.  It’s a reference to building our own personal brands. We have beliefs, actions and thoughts that matter to our employers, friends, family and foes. And they have a profound effect over the path that our careers are going to take.

Today, we are all thrust into the public eye whether we like it or not. In case you missed it, Facebook has surpassed the 500 million user mark. So, just like companies, we need to make sure that ‘what is out there’ is our best, all of the time. Because once you press send, post or share, the world is its oyster.

So, what’s my litmus test? I ask myself, would I mind if the picture, story, phrase or thought were published on the front page of our national newspaper. If the answer is yes, I am good to go. Otherwise, the delete button is my best friend at that moment.

Remember, the circulation of the national newspaper pales in comparison to the readership numbers in cyberspace!

– Ken Tencer

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