Diamonds are Created Under Pressure

I have never had the opportunity to start or build a company with an excess of cash. My partners and I have always done it the old fashioned way … a bucket, a paddle and a couple of credit cards. It’s kind of like a recession everyday during the beginning years but it’s a great way to start because ingenuity and a fundamental understanding of your business can be far more productive assets than cash.

It’s actually why the 90% Rule started — the need to grow a business from an existing base of equipment, expertise and capital. We have always asked and continue to ask ourselves, what new product or service can we provide based on what we can already do (or almost do)?

This question helped us morph from thinking of ourselves as a strategy and design firm to being a business accelerator (strategic), providing the pragmatic, creative and collaborative tools that owners and managers need to achieve their growth objectives. As a result, we have also moved (tactical) from solely providing one-to-one services to also offering one-to-many (seminars, speaking and publishing).

Like we did, it’s important to distill the answer both strategically and tactically. We ask it of client partners everyday (businesses in many sectors and of many sizes). So, don’t think that it’s only valid for some companies and not yours.

So, what’s your next big opportunity?

– Ken Tencer

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