Explore what you can be, not what you are

Intelligence is not always knowing the answer,it’s always asking the question.
– Maya Angelou

Do you know how your business will survive and grow over the next decade? Do you even know how to begin planning for the post-recession future?

I don’t so much care about the product you have sold for the past twenty years, or what you sell today; I want to understand the benefits that your company is already 90% capable of delivering, and how those benefits can change your customers’ lives. This is the 90% Rule. It can help you identify your most promising new markets.

In working with clients on marketing and branding campaigns, I have discovered, over and over, that the answers are rooted not just in who you are and what you do, but in what you believe you can be. It’s about exploring the passion that got you here and transforming it into benefits that improve your customers’ lives.

When you see your company through the lens of the 90% Rule, you begin using benefit-driven thinking that is anchored in what your customers want and need, not simply in what you do now. This fundamental perspective is the bedrock on which clear corporate vision and strategic intent are built. It opens the door to new opportunities and profitable growth.

– Ken Tencer