Google’s Android Leverages Their Core (the second time around)

It was recently reported by industry tracker NPD that smartphones running Google’s Android software were the Q2 top sellers among consumers in the United States. It is an amazing feat for Google and it made me think about how innovative and savvy their move to the mobile market was…the second time around.

Google’s first attempt at entering the mobile market failed. They initially introduced their first physical phone, the G1. This phone was to be offered free of charge to gmail users and meant to be financially supported through advertising. This phone was not received well. To our way of thinking, this stems from Google stepping away from their core focus on search and information technology, and making a misstep into the world of hardware.

The success of Android highlights a company that re-analyzed its market penetration strategy and re-focused on what they do best — offering innovative technology with some very cool new search functionality. Google’s newest search innovations have been developed primarily for the mobile audience. Take for example their new service that lets users take a picture with their smartphone and use the image as search query. Want the service? You need an android phone.

For Google, the second time’s the charm! Their Android is a great example of taking the time to better understand your core competencies and find new and innovative ways to leverage them to charge growth.

-Ken Tencer

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