Help Wanted: An Entrepreneurial Speaking Agent


After the launch of our first book, the 90% Rule, John and I interviewed a number of PR firms and specialists.  We went with Tom Martin because he didn’t give us an endless list of things that we needed to get done to succeed in media.  He read the book, liked it, and said he’d like to get us placed – and he has. Over the past two years, we have appeared in many national and international media outlets – print, radio and television.  During that time, we have also had the good fortune to begin to speak and deliver workshops Internationally.

With the launch of our second book on innovation, Cause a Disturbance, set for Q1 2013, it’s time to turn up the volume on the speaking opportunities. Working directly with us and/or as part of Tom’s team, we are looking for a well-connected, entrepreneurial speaking agent to do what Tom has done, get our voice heard.

Fit the bill? Speak up and let us know. Reach me at or Tom at

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