I Found a Way: The Entrepreneur’s Credo

Entrepreneurial thinking is at the root of all change, all innovation, all growth. And the good news is that everyone can cultivate their own entrepreneurial thinking to help them successfully change their business and improve their professional and personal growth.

By entrepreneurial thinking I mean the ability to envision and think about opportunities at many different levels; see both the big picture and the relevant details within the big picture; act on those details in the most innovative way possible; and do it with limited resources.

Entrepreneurial thinking is creative, innovative and resourceful. And it is anchored in the power of leverage. That means getting the maximum leverage out of 90% of the resources you already have. We call it the 90% Rule. It focuses on cultivating and expanding your individual and collective capacity for entrepreneurial thinking in order to significantly accelerate change, innovation and growth.

Our seminar, upcoming book – and all our thinking and action – is instilled with the spirit of entrepreneurial thinking because we have found that it is the driving force behind all the requisite elements of any successful business (regardless of shape or size): Opportunity, vision, mission, strategy, tactics, execution … and most importantly, passion, will, innovation, creativity and, an organization’s most fundamental “tool,” leverage.

But entrepreneurial thinking on its own is not enough. It needs a “means” to reach its end, a way of converting all its power into actionable, measurable, profitable opportunities. Therein lies the strength of the 90% Rule. It is an organizing principle designed to provide a systematic process for capturing a business’ inherent entrepreneurial thinking and converting its best opportunities into innovative new action. And leveraging 90% of the business’ current assets into profitable and sustainable growth.

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– Ken Tencer

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