Innovate By Listening

innovate by listening

Ken Tencer was recently interviewed on the Small Business Advocate with Jim Blasingame. One of the two topics of conversation was: “Let customer expectations drive your innovation strategy” . In the interview, Ken explains that all businesses need to innovate to continue to grow and thrive. Businesses must change with the marketplace. Technology changes, marketplaces change and your business needs to change with it. How will you do it?

Innovation needs to begin with your customers’ needs. Get out and talk to them. Interview your customers and find out what’s keeping them up at night; understand what they need from you, your business, your service not just today but in six, 12, 18 months down the road. Understanding the challenges in their day-to-day business opens up different communication channels with your customer and helps to draw the most information possible out of them.

Customers are the people who buy what you sell. They are also your greatest source of insight and opportunity.

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