Innovation Insight: The Dove Spa Experience

One of a series by Ken Tencer, Spyder Works CEO


Leaving a meeting the other day in Toronto, I found myself walking past a Dove Spa – one of a growing chain of spas designed by the makers of Dove soap and beauty products.  I am not the target user, but I was impressed. I was impressed by the clean, minimalist form and function of the design. But I was even more impressed by the focus with which Dove has recreated the brand’s innovation strategy in business form.

As Dove says on its Web site, “At Dove Spa our philosophy is simple – we want to make women feel more beautiful every day by inspiring them to take great care of themselves.” This is yet another extension of Dove’s award-winning focus on “real beauty.” This commitment to “real beauty” from the original “beauty bar” (Dove has always positioned itself as more than a maker of soap) is continually opening doors for one of the world’s biggest and most elastic brands.

Is your company in the business of making soap, or selling beauty? Don’t focus on what you make, but how you change customers’ lives. Do you sell hotel rooms or help people book dream nights? The choice is yours.

If your business’ definition is too narrow, what can your growth prospects be?

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