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Discover the Six Steps to Creating a Culture of Continuous Innovation! We deliver workshops and consulting services that focus processes for low-cost, continuing growth.

Workshops: Our half-day workshops let your team roll up their sleeves and begin the 90% Rule revolution! They’ll learn the principles of adjacent innovation and actually start to uncover new opportunities they’ve never seized before. We provide the tools you need to keep the momentum going. And we insist on coming back for an update session to ensure everyone is moving forward together.

3-Day Seminars: For groups that really want to get it right, our intensive seminar (three half-days) helps teams master our detailed process for rethinking and reinventing their organization.

  • Discover what you can be, not what you are
  • Identify your best opportunities through innovative customer-centric thinking
  • Create the “Opportunity Map” that leads to lower risk innovation and sustained growth.

Coaching: We all know the enemies of innovation: day-to-day distractions, negative thinking, flawed communication, failure to follow up. Our specialized coaching services enable business executives to overcome criticism, backsliding and everyday inertia in order to achieve their reinvention and innovation goals. We’ll help you identify the obstacles you’re facing and discover the true course that will lead your team to success!