Little Things Make a Big difference

Remember the old saying, “Little things can make a big difference.” We all have examples from our own experience of the little things that make us loyal to certain stores, products and services. Or make us never go back.

One such example for me is my cellular provider. I am sure you remember how phone companies locked you into long-term contracts and rates that would remain high with no relief unless you paid a penalty to get out of the contract, usually by switching providers. Where is the benefit to the business in that? Make a little more in the short term but lose the customer forever after only a year or two. It’s no wonder that providers were constantly churning customers.

My business’ cellular service provider has managed to keep me for many years now. Why? Because I get calls on a fairly regular basis from their customer care department. They say that they have been monitoring the use of my business’ phones over the last few months and have found a less expensive monthly package for me and if I agree to it today they will discount the overages from the previous month. The result? I keep coming back (and, in fact, adding more phones).

When was the last time that you sat down and asked yourself and your management what ‘little’ thing you could be doing to build a better relationship with your customers?

-Ken Tencer

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