National Post Review: The 90% Rule

In case you missed it, the National Post has reviewed our book, The 90% Rule.

The Post reviewer says that The 90% Rule offers “useful suggestions for determining which part of your business is the part that should be expanded; defining its brand, and how to position and market it.”

For businesses looking to grow, the writer gives us two thumbs up! “If you’re considering expanding a business or product line, it’s worth having a look at The 90% Rule.”

If you’re looking to expand your business, you need to know The 90% Rule. And right now you can get it at 40% off.

To order a copy, visit and enter the code 66XPS2DS to save 40% until June 30, 2010. (At this rate, you may want to order copies for your associates, too.)

The 90% Rule works best as a team sport. If you are considering a thought-provoking keynote for your corporate retreat or annual meeting, or a hands-on innovation workshop, please contact us. We would love to get your team excited about the future again.


Ken Tencer

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