Where does success begin?

“Safe thinking never leads to great wealth.”
– Harlan Coben

Every business begins as an idea in someone’s mind, a notion that transforms into the vision and courage needed to make the business happen. Success requires a magical mix of intuition, insight, head-splitting thinking and the sheer will to see it, distil it and execute it.  It’s a lot to ask, and those who succeed are the exception to the rule.

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Explore what you can be, not what you are

Intelligence is not always knowing the answer,it’s always asking the question.
– Maya Angelou

Do you know how your business will survive and grow over the next decade? Do you even know how to begin planning for the post-recession future?

I don’t so much care about the product you have sold for the past twenty years, or what you sell today; I want to understand the benefits that your company is already 90% capable of delivering, and how those benefits can change your customers’ lives. This is the 90% Rule. It can help you identify your most promising new markets.

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Is social media part of your marketing toolbox?

Today, marketing is no longer viewed as a series of transactions between a company and its customers: it is about building meaningful, ongoing relationships. The fundamentals of relationship marketing are based on each party not only understanding the tangible benefits they receive from each other: it’s about creating strong emotional bonds between the brand and its user. Social media is all about building such bonds.

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