If I had a Trillion…

Is it just me wondering or do others worry that last week’s G-20 Summit big photo opportunity featured some pretty nervous smiles? Politicians at the G-20 Summit were smiling for the camera while continuing to suggest that we spend our way out of debt. Have they got it all figured out? Interest rates will certainly spike above 1% some time in the (near) future. So, how long can you continue to spend and spend again? While I appreciate their efforts, I find it worrisome that the trillions are adding up so quickly.
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To Listen and Share or Not?

I had an interesting experience at a recent marketing roundtable that I was running for a fast-growing manufacturer of branded and private label products.

The founder and CEO was in the room along with a number of the members of the management and sales teams. One of the points that came up from the management team was that the entrepreneur did not share enough of his ideas and vision in advance. In essence, he continuously held his cards too close to his chest making it difficult for them to make day-to-day, tactical decisions that contributed to the long-term strategic direction of the firm.

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Is audacity a bad word?

If there is something that I do believe in, it is that audacity is the entrepreneur’s best friend.

To some, audacity may be a negative because it is associated with attitude or edge. But the true definition centers around the willingness to challenge…assumptions or conventions. More →

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