Entrepreneur 101

There are a few things that you can be sure of as an entrepreneur:

•   If you don’t believe in yourself and your ideas then
you can be sure that nobody else will
•   If you don’t have passion for your business it won’t
come from anyone else
•   If it was supposed to be easy, everybody would be
doing it
•   The problems are there not to stop you from
succeeding but to stop the others from going
where you go
•   If there are but a few words to live by, let them be
audacity, vision, belief and persistence
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Diamonds are Created Under Pressure

I have never had the opportunity to start or build a company with an excess of cash. My partners and I have always done it the old fashioned way … a bucket, a paddle and a couple of credit cards. It’s kind of like a recession everyday during the beginning years but it’s a great way to start because ingenuity and a fundamental understanding of your business can be far more productive assets than cash.
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If I had a Trillion…

Is it just me wondering or do others worry that last week’s G-20 Summit big photo opportunity featured some pretty nervous smiles? Politicians at the G-20 Summit were smiling for the camera while continuing to suggest that we spend our way out of debt. Have they got it all figured out? Interest rates will certainly spike above 1% some time in the (near) future. So, how long can you continue to spend and spend again? While I appreciate their efforts, I find it worrisome that the trillions are adding up so quickly.
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