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After entering into preliminary discussions with a publisher to bring to market our second book on innovation, we thought… no. That model is 200 years old.

Today’s creative, fast-moving business world is built on customized service and direct relationships. We decided to apply innovation not only to the content of our new book, but also to the way in which we distribute it. When you call your book Cause a Disturbance, you have to do things differently. So we are crowd-funding the book into being.

Make no mistake: Cause a Disturbance is more than a book, or even a keynote or workshop. It’s a way of seeing the world, a formula for low-cost, continuous innovation that will change the way you work and transform your organization into a market leader.

So, which innovation model would you like your team to subscribe to? One that depends on a commodity publishing model created for Victorian England? Or one that harnesses the power of crowd-sourcing, the most disruptive new tool in business today, to create more personalized experiences and more memorable impacts?

Thinking innovation? Think Cause a Disturbance.


Click here to buy the book, Disturbance Chats, Roundtables and Keynotes all at low, pre-publication prices!

Remember – some quantities will be limited and the offer expires August 9, 2013. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

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