Pressure test the future of your business


Engage your next gen stars through intrapreneurship.

Intraprise° harnesses the power of intrapreneurship to enable you and your team to quickly pressure test a new idea for a product, service or division. Our unique two-person team approach couples a seasoned leader and a rising next gen star to help to qualify and move to market one of the many great ideas that you have been considering. The Business Family Foundation (BFF) is collaborating with Spyder Works to bring intrapreneurship to family business.

Intrapreneurship gives you the opportunity to energize your business by empowering your next generation of leaders; create a new product, service, division, or even foundation, within the enterprise, and watch your business grow and thrive.

The Spyder Works Consulting team is known internationally for their expertise in innovation, intrapreneurship and culture. They supported the BFF in the development of the successful Intrapreneurial Initiative program and the groundbreaking Intraprise° program is expanding our reach.

If you are facing the challenge of staying ahead of the frenetic pace of change or want the roadmap to attract, engage and retain the next generation of leaders, Intraprise is what you are looking for.

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