Relevant is way more effective than cool

Design is your first impression. It is your differentiator and one of the most important sales and marketing tools that you will ever have.

It is the visual and physical articulation of your product or service. It drives your customers’ brand experience and ultimately helps to build sales…and from where we sit, that’s a good thing.

Design, design elements, form, fashion and colors aren’t things that you work on in your spare time, for fun, to give you a break from the mundane pressures of running your business on a daily basis. Or that your kid sister can do because you bought her a Mac with all sorts of neat programs.

Too many people view design and design meetings as play time. Now, it’s great to enjoy them, we do.  And it’s fine to love the change of pace, everyone likes a little variety in their day.  But remember, relevant (to your audience) is way more effective than cool (to you and your team).

And that’s worth a serious investment in.

– Ken Tencer