Social Media Enables Warm Calling

In my experience, cold calling can be one of the most arduous, time-consuming and expensive ways to engage new business.  And I know that I am not alone in that sentiment.

The good news is that the days of cold calling are behind us.  With the proper use of social media, we can now move to what has been coined, ‘warm calling’. Warm calling is the effective use of your social media tools to enable people to know you, without ever having met you in person.  In business, this is a priceless resource.

We all like to do business with people that we know, or know of.  By taking the time to properly manage your on-line profile, join and participate in groups, add comments or content, maximize your company website’s functionality and utility, your immediate and relevant business world gets to know about you, your competencies and point-of-view. The goal is to become a thought leader, influencer and trusted advisor by creating a relationship with your audience through social media. By ensuring that your communication is true to how you  perceive, and want your brand to be perceived, you will be creating ‘top-of-mind awareness’. Your audience will naturally begin to gravitate to your product and offerings as they begin to ‘know’ you.

Now that your audience trusts you and doesn’t see you as simply a ‘marketer’ they are more willing to be receptive of your message.

Then, when you pick up the phone to call somebody for the first time, the reception is a warm, engaged … “Hey, I really liked what you did for company ABC or I valued your thoughts on…”

In the new cyber world, perception, more than ever, is reality.

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