Starwood makes its brand memorable with music


Hotels are for sleeping. Hotels are for meetings. Hotels are for dining and getting together for a drink in the bar. And now, in a natural and intuitive brand extension, hotels are for music.

Through its Global Music Tour, the Starwood Preferred Guest Program is bringing internationally renowned artists to its hotels for the exclusive enjoyment of its guests. The tagline for the Tour is ‘Hear the music, see the world.’

Why is this brilliant?

Starwood Hotels are about experience and exploration. This meticulous brand has 1,175 properties in 100 countries, but they’re segmented into nine distinct banners that reflect the level of luxury and personal attention individual guests expect from a hotel. This tailored to measure approach to accommodation is a part of Starwood’s mission to deliver wonderful experiences to its guests.

Music, especially music that’s a three minute elevator ride from your room and created just for you, is an enriched and expanded experience. It is memorable because it puts Starwood’s international destinations to music.

Starwood is a believer in maintaining its connection with its customers through the Starwood Preferred Guest Program. With the Global Music Tour, the brand has found that elusive extra emotional hook.

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