North America, Europe and Brazil: Our Newest Video in Support of the Bestselling Book on Innovation, Cause a Disturbance


Whether your business is in transition or simply looking for an innovative spark, give it a lift with a Cause a Disturbance keynote or workshop.

Ken will show you how innovation can change your business in simple steps by walking you through the 90% Rule®: It’s a straightforward philosophy that drives you to constantly ask what’s the next 10%? What’s the next product, service or process improvement that will create a continuously engaged customer base and strengthen your organization?

One of Ken’s great pleasures when speaking about innovation is helping smart and inquisitive people to step out of their day-to-day roles and focus on new ways to push their organization’s forward. As he says to audiences around the world, “The status quo today is disruption, and if your companies don’t find new ways to educate, inform, engage and delight your customers then they’ll walk to a competitor with your bottom line in tow.”

In our new video, Ken highlights how organizations can unlock the secrets of innovation to continuously delight their customers using a straightforward, six-step process:

  1. Engage emotions, not numbers
  2. Change customers’ lives
  3. Connect the dots
  4. Identify and rank opportunities
  5. Build the plan
  6. Communicate the plan

Everyone knows – and everyone talks about – how important innovation is in the competitive battle to find, delight and keep customers and yet, far too few achieve it. As Ken explains, “There’s a big difference between an occasional spark of innovation and an eternal flame.” But the reality is different; most firms struggle to consistently innovate.

All of that can change. Contact us today to book a keynote or workshop for your organization.

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Now that it’s free, you can’t afford not to Cause a Disturbance

There will never be a better time to shake up your company and your growth strategy than right now.  For a limited time, we are offering free Kindle downloads of our best-selling book on innovation, Cause a Disturbance.

To coincide with the launch of our D!sturbance Series Workshops, you can download your free e-copy of Cause a Disturbance to help discover the next product, service, or process improvement that will create a continuously engaged customer base, motivate your employees and strengthen your company’s brand.

Serious about disrupting the status quo while energizing your team?  Join us at one of our interactive workshops and learn the step-by-step process to driving innovation and growing your business.

Can’t make our dates?  Or interested in setting up a customized workshop at your premises? Contact Kim Vogel at

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A best seller on the first day!

Best Seller on!

It’s the first day shipping our newest book and we’re already a BEST SELLER!

Cause a Disturbance made Amazon’s best seller lists for both Entrepreneurship and for Marketing based on pre-orders and positive reviews alone.

John and I have always felt that innovation is the fuel that drives your business forward – the new, improved and better that you deliver to your customers every day. In our new book, we talk to the steps that you can take in your own company to cause a disturbance – disrupt the status quo, discover different, shift markets, stimulate growth, surprise and delight customers.

Innovation builds, strengthens and sustains a company’s relationship with its customers. Why wait to get started?

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