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Move thoughts into actions, actions into sales

No matter how much you think about anything there is no way to know if what you are doing, or planning to do, is going to work. That’s part of the entrepreneurial risk every business has to live with.

However, up-front thinking can actually help mitigate risk and enable you to develop more relevant and actionable ideas, more quickly … especially if the thinking moves along a path that systematically becomes more in tune with your vision, goals and customer needs. More →

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Diamonds are Created Under Pressure

I have never had the opportunity to start or build a company with an excess of cash. My partners and I have always done it the old fashioned way … a bucket, a paddle and a couple of credit cards. It’s kind of like a recession everyday during the beginning years but it’s a great way to start because ingenuity and a fundamental understanding of your business can be far more productive assets than cash.
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Front Burner Issues: Innovation & Planning

They are how you continually develop ideas to build your sales base. Companies no longer have the luxury of ‘living with’ and ‘percolating’ ideas before making a decision.

Business technology hasn’t simplified business, it has put pressure on it. Time-frames are shorter. Product life cycles are shorter. Plugged in work days are twenty-four hours long. More →

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