Olympic Athletes Do Not Achieve Greatness Without a Coach

At a recent keynote address, I found myself asking attendees if they noticed the one thing that all of the athletes at the winter Olympics had in common, “ A coach.”

It is amazing how many growing companies do not have a support system (formal or informal) in place to support the founders, owners and C-suite. Why is it that we expect ourselves to have all of the answers when world leaders in performance (athletes and businesspeople) regularly have advisors to turn to in the form of individual coaches or formalized boards of advisors or directors.
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Top CEOs Found to be Laggards in Social Media

I recently came across an interesting study conducted by ÜberCeo on the Fortune 100 CEOs and their involvement in social media (

The study found that these CEOs are laggards in social media. For the most part they were all unconnected and uninvolved. Out of the top 100 CEOs studied only two had Twitter accounts and only one had a blog. Only 13 of the top 100 CEOs studied had LinkedIn accounts, and none in the top 20 had accounts.
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