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One of a series by Ken Tencer, Spyder Works CEO


So, I Googled the phrase “selling non-core assets” and you can see the results! Clearly, business leaders are hungry for information on how to offload underperforming assets and get back to growth from the core.

These search statistics confirm my inspiration for co-authoring The 90% Rule: What’s Your Next Big Opportunity – a book about growing through innovation in adjacent markets that you already know and understand.  The initial inspiration for the book was the constant flow of stories about companies selling their non-core assets.

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Ken Tencer Interviewed on Dresser After Dark

Ken Tencer was interviewed on July 26, 2011, on Dresser After Dark, With Michael Ray Dresser, on BBS Radio. The Interview was based upon The 90% Rule Book and how entrepreneurial thinking can inspire, innovative and create sustainable growth in your organization.

Listen to the Interview with Ken Tencer

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Innovation vs. Invention: Only one drives organizational growth

I am a big advocate of creating a culture of continuous innovation in organizations. However, I find that a lot of individuals have a difficult time with step one – discerning between innovation and invention.

Invention is the creation of new ideas for products or processes. For example, the original formula for Coca-Cola was the invention of a pharmacist by the name of John Stith Pemberton. Although he invented what has since become the world’s most popular soft drink, in my opinion, he was not the company’s greatest innovator.

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