organizational growth

Growth, Innovation and Focus

The conflict between time and time to think always brings us to the eternal balancing act in business … balancing the short and long-term needs of the organization.

At Spyder Works, whether it’s working one-to-one to solve a client’s immediate problem or making enough time to write a book, the process we use is geared to achieving a balance that meets the immediate demands of running the day-to-day business and the need to work towards our longer-term plans.

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Untapped leverage

Leverage gets the most out of your current strengths, which is where the critical focus must be. Focus on what’s right, not what’s wrong. Dealing from strength. It’s about rethinking and re-understanding the business you are in and the capital investments you have already made (e.g., intellectual capital), as well as the ways in which your business serves its customers and potential customers (e.g., customer capital).

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Move thoughts into actions, actions into sales

No matter how much you think about anything there is no way to know if what you are doing, or planning to do, is going to work. That’s part of the entrepreneurial risk every business has to live with.

However, up-front thinking can actually help mitigate risk and enable you to develop more relevant and actionable ideas, more quickly … especially if the thinking moves along a path that systematically becomes more in tune with your vision, goals and customer needs. More →

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