Expert Marketer Magazine gives Cause a Disturbance a Five Star Rating


We want to thank EMM for their review and five star rating of our second book on innovation, Cause a Disturbance.

EMM, Expert Marketer Magazine is the unrivaled specialist in marketing books and publications. All books are carefully selected from the worldwide offer, independent from any publisher.”

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American Express Open Forum Book Review – The 90% Rule

Originally published as – Guru Review: The 90% Rule
by Matthew E. May , Founder, Shibumi Creative Works
August 16, 2011

From time to time I run across a book that is under the radar. Maybe it’s a niche book, a vanity book, a book that for whatever reason doesn’t fit the traditional model, or is self-published. As more and more authors choose to self-publish—some estimate that as high as 50 percent of the 11,000 business titles published annually are now self-published—more and more you can’t ignore the category, because some really good stuff falls into that bucket. And sometimes, simply because the book is off the radar, you don’t discover it until well after it’s been published.

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The 90% Rule: Staples Canada’s Book of the Month

Steve Jobs has said ‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower’.

The 90% Rule™ illustrates how entrepreneurial thinking can inspire innovative and sustainable growth in your organization. And you certainly don’t have to be a BIG organization to put their five-step program into action and benefit from this way of thinking.

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