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Is distance learning innovative or regressive?

I recently had the opportunity to guest lecture at a major university. The topic was new media. In the middle of the lecture, it dawned on me that here I was talking about a trend in media that heightened the opportunities for interaction, communication and discussion … but I was talking to a half-empty lecture hall! The other half of the class was either watching me from home or taping me to watch at some later date when they had a minute (I know this because an exam question was going to be based on my lecture).


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Innovation: Translating an idea into a sale

There are many definitions of innovation but, as always, business is ultimately about making sales.  So, let’s get to the point.  To be successful on a continuous basis, you need new ideas; one’s that can be commercialized.  What does that mean?  Your idea is relevant to your current or next-great customer group, and that you have the means to bring it to market in a timely and profitable manner.

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