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Ken Tencer to speak at upcoming Small Business Summit

Ken Tencer will be speaking at the upcoming Small Business Summit, hosted by The Globe and Mail Report on Small Business in partnership with Achilles Media. The Small Business Summit is a one-day event, geared to entrepreneurs, to kick-start small or medium enterprises and help give them a leg-up to the next level.

The program boasts an itinerary of specialized keynote speakers, workshops and networking opportunities to give professional insight to entrepreneurs. Learn more or register at


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My Own Personal Cult Brand

I recently received an e-mail from my long-time car dealership ( announcing the exciting new (old) direction for Saab, “Spyker Chief, Victor Muller, says he can spark a similar renaissance in a Swedish brand once renowned for its innovative design and technology. ‘We’re going to be completely different to how GM dealt with Saab,’ he says. ‘It used to be a cult brand and it can be again. We don’t need to go out and find new customers – we just need to win back the ones we’ve lost,’ he says. ‘Saab customers were the most loyal and educated in the industry’. The fact that they left, means they must have been disappointed.”

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The New Entrepreneurial Climate

Note: Our Blog post was inspired, with thanks, by a recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Entrepreneur Economy, by Jason Daley.

Mega corporations are no longer the backbone of our economy. An entrepreneurial climate is taking hold as small enterprises become more competitive, and are starting to beat out their larger scale counterparts. Smaller, more adaptable, and more innovative businesses are using an economic downturn as a leg up.

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