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Building Brand U

When I work with companies to build their brands, I start with a very straightforward definition, “what we believe in, what we do and what we say… that matters to a lucrative set of customers.”

But what about Brand U?  No, that’s not a new university for branding.  It’s a reference to building our own personal brands. We have beliefs, actions and thoughts that matter to our employers, friends, family and foes. And they have a profound effect over the path that our careers are going to take.

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Top CEOs Found to be Laggards in Social Media

I recently came across an interesting study conducted by ÜberCeo on the Fortune 100 CEOs and their involvement in social media (

The study found that these CEOs are laggards in social media. For the most part they were all unconnected and uninvolved. Out of the top 100 CEOs studied only two had Twitter accounts and only one had a blog. Only 13 of the top 100 CEOs studied had LinkedIn accounts, and none in the top 20 had accounts.
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Is social media part of your marketing toolbox?

Today, marketing is no longer viewed as a series of transactions between a company and its customers: it is about building meaningful, ongoing relationships. The fundamentals of relationship marketing are based on each party not only understanding the tangible benefits they receive from each other: it’s about creating strong emotional bonds between the brand and its user. Social media is all about building such bonds.

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