The 2016 Toronto Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) Conference is a Week Away and We Have a Special Offer!

Visit us at booth # 342 for a very special offer…

For a limited time, Spyder Works will be offering our booth visitors a 50% discount off one of our specialized half-day workshops ($10,000 value, you pay only $5,000!)

Our professional and interactive workshops include:

  • Innovation Culture
  • Sticky Change
  • Meaningful Meetings
  • Feedback for Excellence
  • Partnering for Performance
  • DISCovering Your Leadership Strengths
  • Objectives & Accountability

The HRPA Conference takes place January 20-22 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  We look forward to seeing you there!

For almost 25 years, Spyder Works has worked to transform organizations by igniting change through impactful design-driven innovation.  Today, we have evolved into a full service business consultancy to include Culture in our core areas of practice.  Accessed individually or together, Design, Innovation and Culture can help you bring your aspirations for your business to life.

Using proven processes in Design, Innovation and Culture, Spyder Works can help you build a strategic platform where creativity is grounded in pragmatic thinking, and market-ready opportunities can take root on an ongoing basis.

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