What are some of the most common obstacles to innovation?

The barriers to innovation are the idea killers in the room.  You know, it costs too much, it takes too long.  Get passed it, because innovation doesn’t start with money and resources, it starts with an open, positive state of mind and a focused process.

One great quote that I read says, “Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”. Again, the key is to have an open-minded process and regular meetings that recognizes that innovation is as important as sales and marketing.  Truthfully, innovation drives sales and marketing but too many companies leave this type of conversation to once a year corporate retreats, which, in our experience, usually leads to an abrupt retreat in sales.

-Ken Tencer

*Adapted from an interview on The Business Coach, Episode 77 on Business Expansion Strategy at http://www.profitguide.com/podcast/532–podcast-77-business-expansion-strategy

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