Where does success begin?

“Safe thinking never leads to great wealth.”
– Harlan Coben

Every business begins as an idea in someone’s mind, a notion that transforms into the vision and courage needed to make the business happen. Success requires a magical mix of intuition, insight, head-splitting thinking and the sheer will to see it, distil it and execute it.  It’s a lot to ask, and those who succeed are the exception to the rule.

What is not the exception is where success begins. When you look back and explore how you got to where you are today, you will nearly always find the “gems”, the key passions and motivations that made all the difference.

Maybe you felt that the business of weight loss should, in fact, be a process and not a quick fix … so you put together a supportive program around the products. Maybe you were on a plane, skimming magazines with pictures of outdoor furniture when the category struck you as ugly and outdated … so you started your own design-oriented outdoor furniture company.

Exploring your origins leads to a rediscovery of purpose that then points the way ahead. To grow your business, your best bet may be to simply reconnect with that drive for quality and individuality.

Many companies crash and burn trying to expand their products and services into hot new markets. The 90% rule can help you identify your most natural opportunities, saving you money and time.

Your vision of the future starts with a well-planned rethink of your purpose, your history and your passion. And here’s the good news: you’ll find your next big opportunity will be 90% founded on what you have already built.

– Ken Tencer